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Monday, August 10, 2009

What is DataBindings.cpx file in ADF

In ADF web application as soon as you drop a databound component on your page a DataBindigs.cpx file gets created. You may wonder what it contains? So, here it is:

The DataBindings.cpx keeps track of the individual page definitions files used within the project, as well as the DataControls mapping to such things as ADF Business Components Application Modules.

Till Jdeveloper 10.1.3 release there was no way to have multiple DataBindings.cpx files which was very much desirable as the project the size grows and being worked by multiple teams. Jdeveloper 11g added this capability to have multiple DataBindings.cpx files.

There is a new file in 11g called adfm.xml which is used to keep track of all such DataBindings.cpx files in the system. So, when breaking your DataBindings.cpx you need to take care to create an entry in the adfm.xml. You also need to make sure to have unique application id attribute value for each entry.


Kavita said...

Very simple and apt explanation of DataBindings.cpx and what jdev version 10 and version 11 have in store.

nitesh said...

thanks :)