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Monday, August 10, 2009

Usage of PostChanges in ADF

You can override postChanges method of any entity object in your ADF application. postChanges method can be used to push the middle-tier changes to the database. But it does not commit it.

So, a natural question arises like why do we need to push the changes to database from middle-tier and without committing?

Imagine a scenarios where you have a PL/SQL procedure which you need to run after some rows has been inserted/modified in your application. Before you issue a commit everything will remain in the middle-tier. A PL/SQL procedure will run on the database and hence in such scenario your PL/SQL procedure will not be able to get the latest changes which are available in the middle-tier.

So, here comes the postChanges method which you can use to push the middle-tier changes to the database without actually committing.


Amir Khanof said...

veryyyy useful hint, I really appreciate that,it is worth to have some sample for this overriding solution.

Thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

Do you have a sample?


Unknown said...

Ah sorry not having.