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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Page load performance of query page in ADF

Well, a considerable number of the pages in an application is likely to have query components.  By default in ADF when the page renders it executes all the iterators  and executables (in other words data control bindings which would be bound to VOs or other AM or managed bean methods). 

So, that means associated queires to VOs will be executed and depending upon the size of underlying table, connectvity with the db, indexing of table etc it may take a considerable time for the page to come up for the first time. 

Even it is the intension of the end user to open a qeury page for querying the data but still running the app and waiting for the page to come up for more than 15-20 sec may be quite annoying. So, a better idea from user experience perspective is to show the page as soon as possible and then let user query it himself by hitting a search button.

If this makes sense to you then the solution for the same is to create a view criteria and unchek the query automatically check box. This will prevent the initial SQL execution.

A more details explaination is provided by Andrejus at his blog with a sample app.

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