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Monday, February 16, 2009

Managing Tasks /TODOs in Jdeveloper 11g

Well, while writing a big code may be part of a a big app or module how do you track the left over or low priority things to fix?  There are two classifications of fix for later things. 1. Things which are a either a part of minor enhancement or are low priority keeping approaching deadlines. 2. You are working for a duration where it is likely to start forgetting what all you have to finish before final delivery.

for the 1st case using jdeveloper tas
ks feature is not really a too good thing unless. But for the 2nd case where you are whole and sole of some piece of code and have to track all todos for a shorter duration then there is a brilliant feature in jdev called tasks.

To enable it you need not to do anything. Simply write at  //TODO  anywhere in the code editor.  And, jdeveloper will automatically mark it as a todo item. 

To see or manage all your TODO's you can go to menus-->View -->Tasks and a small pane will appear in the bottom showing all the TODOs.

You can update existings ones, delete, change priority and add new as well. Double click on any todo willl take you to the marked position.

You can list the task for the current project or app or file only. There is useful filtering option available which can be used to set custom filter like show all which has a due date tomorrow (u need to put actual date). etc.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, only works with Java code. With the drive towards meta-data driven declarative development, isn't that going to be just a small subset of "code" at some point?

Unknown said...

it's true and even within java code it is not too flexible. You are limited to type a one liner starting with //TODO tag.
If you have to put a 3-4 line text then there is no way as it does not support using /*TODO .... */ tag

Anonymous said...

In JDeveloper, it works in .xml files as well.