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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jdeveloper 11g: Enabling SVN

If you are using RUP1 or RUP3(Rel4) versions of jdeveloper from edelivery.oracle.com for the development and wish to use svn (subversion) for the source control (which you must unless you are using another version control program). Then you will find that svn is disabled by default. You will see it in preferences as available but no way to use it.

This is intentionally done to fix some bugs in the past about startup hanging issues for jdeveloper. Here, is the solution for the same.

  • Go to /jdeveloper/jdev/roles/oracle.apps.role.xml
  • Delete line 17 which disables subversion
  • Restart jdeveloper 
Now, you should see the options to provide svn repository.

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