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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ADF 11g: Entity Object (EO) Insert cycle

It is quite important to understand entity lifecycle which involved different types of validations firing at different stages. It typically starts when an entity is created in the middletier when you invoke a vo.createRow() via UI or programmatically. The entity lifecyle is over at the time it is properly committed to the database. This cycle gets quite complex if there are multiple entities involved. If entities are associated like in a master-detail then validation cycles are extended to validate child entity as well during master entity validation. The best way to depict this is via a diagram as below:

I am not really spending time to explain each and every phase of this lifecycle as documentation does a good job for that. This post should be useful as a quick reference to the readers and quite important to understand to be able to handle some situations where it is required to decide where to place certain code.

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