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Friday, May 20, 2011

Possible bug in ADF 11g when exposing AM methods

Last week I was trying to expose a AM method to the client for calling from my View layer and I hit an issue. Every thing what I did to expose the AM method at design time worked fine but the code failed to compile saying

  • Error(17,8): vik.tools.changeNotifier.model.applicationModule.client.ChangeManagerAMClient is not abstract and does not override abstract method store(java.util.List<map<string, string in vik.tools.changeNotifier.model.applicationModule.common.ChangeManagerAM /li>
I investigated all the involved files and found no clue why it is so. After some hit and trials finally I found that the one of the parameter pased in the method signature was causing the issue.  In the above case the method was:

public void store(List<map<string, string>> myData){}

And the issue was using the generic type here. To fix it I had to use the old style and had to change it to

public void store(List<map> myData){}

to make it work. I have logged a bug for the same and will update the post if I get some resolution on this from Oracle.

UPDATE: This was turned out to be a bug which is fixed and should be available in some future release of jdeveloper.


Harman Arneja said...

Hello, I want to create a popup for Edit PERSONAL DETAILs functionality. I cant understand how should I make the content in the popup restricted to the detils of the currently logged in user only. Please suggest a suitable suggestion.

Unknown said...

This is quite a basic thing in ADF. Row currency is maintained by BC4J so make sure current row is set for the vo. and the better place to ask such questions is otn.oracle.com for jdeveloper forums