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Friday, January 7, 2011

How to view webservices inside jdeveloper 11g

This is new thing I got to know today while trying to find the url of the wsdl deployed on my standalone wls. Jdev gives a very nice option to test, validate and view the web services deployed to any wls server.  Here,  is what you can do: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BwMHadroX7nQYjBhNGQ0NTktMWE0NS00YzQzLWI3MzQtY2Q5NmY5ZWYzNWZm&hl=en


Anonymous said...

Hi Vik,

I just started learning Jdev( to Oracle database from Jdev is fine,but when i try to connect TERADATA database and test the connection iam getting this error "Test failed :(NULL)". I have copied the necessary jar files(terajdbc4,tdgssconfig) to this path (\Middleware\jdeveloper\bi\jdbc\lib) i assume its correct.
Please can you confirm whether the path is correct and let me know where should i copy the jar files while connecting to databases like SQL SERVER and TERADATA.

I would appreciate your help in this issue.


Unknown said...

ah sorry never worked with sql server and teradata. Try posting on forums.oracle.com . I am sure there will be surely people knowing a lot about it.

Anonymous said...

You just need to use generic way of connecting to teradata, there you need to load the jar files then provide your connection string and username /password.

No need to put the jarfiles in to classpaths.