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Monday, January 25, 2010

Updating a Declarative Component in ADF 11g

I have an adf application built in 11g. It uses a custom component which I developed for this app. Recently, I got the need to add an additional attribute in the component. So, thought to blog about the way I did it without any issues.

1. Open your custom declarative component project.
2. Add the desired attribute and deploy it to your desired path.
3. Stop the running wls.
4. Open your main project ( consumer project). Go to properties.
5. From the libraries and class path delete the existing entry for the component.
6. Save the changes and close the jdeveloper completely.
7. Open the consumer project's ViewController.jpr in a text editor.
8. Remove all the entries containing any reference to your custom component library.
9. Reopen jdev and then go to resource pallet.
10. Add a file system connection and select the directory you generated the custom declarative component jar.

That's it. It should reflect your new updates component nicely.


Jang Vijay Singh said...

Good one Vik.
Except for steps 7 & 8.
Removing the lib from JDev should have cleared all traces of it. If it didn't, it's probably a bug..

Unknown said...

yes it should but it never did that for me in any version of the jdev.

And those who assume it does always has issues at later stage.

Mario Ribeiro said...

Hi Vik

Using Jdev I've been doing the same thing recently, however I find that right clicking on the ViewController project and choosing "Refresh ADF Library Dependancies in ViewController.jpr" works, however I do have to close the application in JDev and open it up again afterwards.

Are you aware of any issues doing it this way?

Unknown said...


when i tried last time it did not work consistently. So, i always follow a bit long but full proof way to do this.

Anonymous said...

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