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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Turning on diagnostic debugging in Jdeveloper for ADF

Well sometimes you just see a series of exceptions coming from model layer describing nothing meaningful about the actual cause or sometimes you need to see what all sqls got executed or what bind variables were applied while running a particular flow in model layer. For all this there is a facility in jdeveloper for ADF to turn on the diagnostic debugging.

To turn on just right click on your project and go to project properties (do it on View Controller project if you are debugging for a UI flow) and go to run/debug/profile. Choose the default profile and click edit. You will java option and a text box near to it. 
In the text box add -Djbo.debugoutput=console. Add it separated by a space if there is something already.

Now bounce the WLS (weblogic server) and re-run the app. You will see the app printing low level messages in the jdev log window. You must take care to turn it off by either removing the above stmt or changing it to: -Djbo.debugoutput=silent in case of production environment. This will  run significantly slow otherwise. It's also a better idea to keep it off in development environment when not needed.

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Michael A. Fons said...

There are a couple others too of possibly lesser significance: -Ddatasource.verbose=true and -Dhttp.session.debug=true

Hope these help someone.