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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ClearAll Jdeveloper Extension

Today, I finished my new extension named 'ClearAll'. This extension provides a button in the jdeveloper toolbar to clean up the compiler log, message log and running server log in one click.

You can get it from the update centre by going to jdeveloper and clicking on check for updates.

Make sure to check the thrid party developer extensions.

Click next and select ClearAll from the list of available extensions.

Just do a next and restart jdeveloper.

After a restart a eraser icon button will appear in the jdeveloper toolbar. You can just click on it any time to clear all the log windows like compiler log pane, message log pane and running wls log pain.


Amr Ismail Gawish said...

Its nice to know that someone can develop extension for JDeveloper, I wonder if some detailed documentation is available about that, and If it is, can I subscribe my extension to JDeveloper official extension directory!!

Unknown said...

hie please refer http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/htdocs/partners/addins/index.html

Abdoul Rahaman said...

Dear Vik,
I am getting

Error: Extension ID vik.clearall in extension.xml does not match jar filename.

But Jdev is working fine. Any fix for this error.

Unknown said...

well you can ignore the error.. this extension and the jdeveloper both with work fine.