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Monday, February 2, 2009

Jdeveloper RSS Ticker Extension

I recently developed a rss ticker extension for the jdeveloper which is available to get from OTN

This extension provides the rss feed in the jdeveloper status bar. 
You can configure up to 3 different sources
You can also configure the number of feeds to be fetched per source.

To install:
1. Open jdeveloper and go to Helps --> check for updates
2. Choose the middle option of third party and partner extensions 
3. Click next and you will see towards end Vik's rss feed extension.
4. Select it and do a next and finish.

After restart of jdeveloper you will notice feeds in your jdev status bar. 
Yo configure it go to Tools --> preferences and choose Vik's rss ticker. It will look like:

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