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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jdeveloper Workspace Backup Extension

Few days back I worked out a workspace back up extension for Jdeveloper. You can download it from OTN at here

This extension is very useful to take quick back up of jdev's workspace. This extension provides following options:

  • You can take either a zipped or unzipped backup of your workspace.
  • Takes care of excluding deploy and classes folder to keep the size small.
  • It adds system timestamp to the name of the workspace for creating backup. Default name of the backup as well as the location of the backup can be changed.

Installation/How To's

  1. Open Jdev and go to help --> check for updates
  2. Click next (make sure third party extensions option is selected)
  3. Search for VikBackupExtension and click next and finish.

Compatibility/Supported platform

This extension is tested on windows as well as linux platform with latest jdev public release.

Demo/ Screenshots

notice the briefcase icon


Anonymous said...

I installed the extension but I get error saying "Error: Extension ID oracle.ide.xteam.backup in extension.xml does not match jar filename VikBackupExtension" when JDeveloper starts. The version of the JDeveloper I'm using is

Unknown said...

That is fine. It will not impact anything. It will work without any issues. Don't you see it working? Can mail me at vik.ceo@gmail.com as well. I can see if there is any issue you are facing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vik! A zip file what created this extention has contain name of drive in path files, like C: or D:. I can't unzip it. My OS - Windows XP. I has error: Warning! illegal path or drive specified: D:/userdata/projects...

Unknown said...

may your path is too long and crossing 256 characters. Even i have windows XP and it works like a charm